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Davis Watson Presents his film ‘Good Piping’ Live at iBAM!

Filmmaker Davis Watson

Good Piping is a vérité documentary film on Irish pipers. We hope you thoroughly enjoy this remarkable glimpse into the world of musicians playing Ireland’s most enigmatic instrument, the uilleann pipes. “This rare, ancient bagpipe may occasionally be seen in a pub or at a festival, but as a historical soloist, leading dances and harrowing souls, the instrument remains a fleeting character, even in its native Ireland” (Na Píobairí, 2002). Unless you know where to look….

Filmmaker Davis Watson set off to Ireland in 2008 on his own dime to begin crafting a portrait of this guarded tradition. Davis himself is an uilleann piper, having played for 10 years before beginning the film. To be able to sit at the feet of so many Irish masters, hear their stories and music, and be so deeply welcomed has been the honor of a lifetime.

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