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Celtic Women International Literary Salon October 18th, Room 111


October 19 in Room 111

Presented by Celtic Women International and led by Maureen Smith, (pictured) the iBAM! Literary salon is an amalgamation of short glimpses into the enchanting world of Irish culture.
Times, Presenters, and Topics below (subject to change)

Saturday: Speakers and Topic

11:30 - Maureen Smith - From Ireland to Waseca, A Digital Family History

12:00 - John Gleeson tells the“Tales from the Wild Atlantic Way,” Meet the fiddler who wallpapered the Cliffs of Moher, the miserly king who became so generous that his right arm grew 6 inches longer than his left from giving things away after his encounter with saint Colman Mac Duach, and more!

1:00 - Theresa Choske - Christabel Bielenberg: Experiences in World War II and Post War Ireland

1:30 - Brenna Briggs - Tomorrow will be cloudy with a chance of ghosts!

2:00 - Claudia Anderson - My Song is My Own: A Legacy of Folk Songs from a Women's Perspective

2:30 - Kathy Kelly - My Irish-American Olympian Mother!

3:00 - Maureen Garry - From Saints to sinners: Notable Women of Galicia

3:30 - Brigid Duffy and Rosemary Feurer - Performance and Lecture Mother Jones Live!

4:00 - Jean Wrenn - Concern Worldwide - 50 Years of Fighting Extreme Global Poverty

4:30 - Mary McCain - History - Some Challenges Facing Contemporary Ireland

5:00 - Tenor Mark Piekarz - Music - Loves Old Sweet Song

5:30 -  Kathy O'Neill - Storytelling: Kathy O'Neill The Nineteen Times I Almost died

6:00 - Reception: All are welcome to grab a drink from the bar and then join us in the "Literary Salon" to mix and mingle.

Calligrapher Denis Brown

Michael Hogan iBAM! 2019 Headliner