Courtney Shields: The Great Whitey O'Gill Achieves the Luck of the Irish


"The Great Whitey O'Gill Achieves the Luck of the Irish"
Fiction fantasy book: Grades 3- 5 reading level
A great white shark hero named Whitey O'Gill experiences the tragedy of losing his family and home in a typhoon in the Pacific Ocean.  The currents wash him all around the continent of South America to the Caribbean.  There, he tries to make a home for himself, but is called upon by King Leo Lionfish to accomplish a risky task that goes awry after completion. 
Unexpectedly, after the task goes awry, a magical blessing happens to Whitey that leads him to his friend trio of himself, Shamus the Leprechaun, and the girl named Maureen.  In the end, these wonderful friends lead him to his surprise ultimate happiness! 
I attached my photo, book photo, and title page photo at the end.
About the Author
I am a current resident of Forest Park, IL. who is originally from Chicago.  My current profession is in the education field substitute teaching in my fourth year for grades early childhood through eight for the Berwyn North School District 98.
My educational background consists of a Bachelor's Degree in English Literature from Marquette University and includes International Studies Abroad at St. Claire's, Oxford, England. 
I have the travels abroad experience to eleven different countries including two visits to Ireland.