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Galway Bakers Return it iBAM! With Their Wonderful Baked Goods


The Galway Bakers have been feeding the discriminating soda bread and bakery connoisseur for 15 years now!

The Higgins sisters, Gretta, Dolores, and Irene have built a thriving business on baked goods using their family recipes.

On top of all the mouth watering baked goods they make, they are always supporting things Irish.

One evening recently at a concert being held at the Heritage Center, Irene raised over $800 to help get a grand piano for the Auditorium at the Irish American Heritage Center!

When the doors open on Saturday at 10:00 a.m. there will be plenty of baked goods on hand to go with your coffee or tea, and that should hold you over until the lunch menu is available at Noon!

Galway Bakers
259 S. Park Ave
Wheeling Illinois
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Below is a story on the company.

Galway Bakers
By: Cathy Cooney-Millar

If you have ever wondered where in Chicago you buy the traditional Irish Soda bread or other baked goodies, I have the answer. Galway Bakers is Chicago’s premier provider of Irish baked goods since 2004.

The Galway Bakers consists of three sisters, Gretta, known as Lou, Irene known as Hal and Dolores, known as Pat, from Turloughmore, Co. Galway.  They grew up baking bread with their mother and grandmother, and the recipes used today and make up the cornerstone of their bakery are the same ones they learned as children. Gretta, Irene and Dolores are 3 of 6 sisters.   Their Dad passed away in 1960, he was very successful tailor but when he passed away that was the end of that business.  They were all still in school at the time and being that their mother had family in Chicago they decided they would make the trip across the ocean.  Five of the kids along with their Mom, Marguerite McHugh Higgins, left Ireland in 1964 and Chicago has been their home ever since.   One of their sisters came to Chicago a couple of years before us. Their mom passed away in 2005 shortly after Galway Bakers was formed.  She was the master baker in the family, and her brown bread was requested at all parties and events.

The Galway Bakers was formed in October of 2004 following requests for Irish bread and desserts for parties and gatherings that the sisters had become known for.

The sisters of The Galway Bakers bake a variety of breads which are carried by Irish shops in Chicago and surrounding areas, and served in restaurants and “Tea Rooms” at Irish Festivals.  The Galway Bakers are vendors at Irish Festivals at The Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, as well as other Festivals in and around the Midwest

The Galway Bakers have requests all over the world for their traditional Irish Soda Bread and Brown Bread. Some other popular items are their delicious cakes. They have a variety of cakes to choose from that has a favorite flavor for everyone!
Banana Chocolate Chip Cake, Cranberry Orange Bread, Double Chocolate Porter Cake
Galway Tea Cake, Irish Apple Cake, Irish Liquor Cake, Irish Porter Cake, Glazed Lemon Cake. Marmalade Cake, Orange Cake, Pumpkin Bread, Zucchini Pineapple Cake are only a few to mention. All Cakes and Tea Breads come in a variety of sizes as well.
Other best sellers are: Irish Style Apple tart (no spice),Gourmet Brownies, Gourmet Shortbread (caramel & chocolate layers), Traditional Shortbread Cookies, Barm Brack (October/November), and a  variety of cakes and tarts made with seasonal fruit.
Specialty Items can be ordered at any time! You cannot attend a holiday party without bringing one of the following:
Traditional Irish Fruit Cakes - for Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversary’s, Christenings, etc.  Cakes are finished with a layer of marzipan (imported from Ireland), topped and decorated with royal icing.
Christmas Plum Puddings - made in the traditional style with a deluxe mixture of fruit and suitable for vegetarians and available only during December.
Mincemeat Tartlets - made with their special homemade mincemeat in a flakey pastry, and are available only during December.
Sweet Tables - a wide variety of desserts are available to suit any event.
Wedding Cakes - made with a deluxe fruit mixture, a layer of marzipan topped and decorated with royal icing.  Their Celtic Wedding Cake features handcrafted Celtic Knots.
The Galway Bakers do not use preservatives in our products and can provide gluten free baked goods. Only quality ingredients used, including Irish multi-grain flours and marzipan imported from Ireland.
Don’t fret, if you are looking for the perfect holiday gift! They can ship overnight any to anywhere in the world!
The Galway Bakers, Gretta, Irene and Dolores say that their success is the result of sticking to Irish tradition and growing up learning how to bake great tasting baked goods.

To place an order or contact the Galway bakers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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