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Winona Street Design Founded by Sisters Lizzie and Katie Debut at iBAM!


We are mother-daughter jewelry designers from Chicago who create unique jewelry pieces to mark moments and make memories for life.

(l to r): Lizzie Loftus, Katie Loftus, Co-Founders of Winona Street Design
Two of our founders are recent graduates of St Ignatius College Prep, the leading Jesuit High School in the Chicago. We became aware of the Dallas Jesuit Holiday Event as one of our founders is currently a junior at SMU in Dallas.

In 2014 our grandfather (a St Ignatius alum!) was looking for a special gift to commemorate 50 years of marriage as unique and special as his time with his wife, Mary Jo. After searching endlessly for the perfect piece of jewelry, he could not find anything that spoke to the wonderful years they had shared together, with their 10 children, 31 grand kids, and 75 foster children, so he designed a one of a kind necklace. This labor of love featured roman numerals to recognize the year they were married, diamonds to commemorate each child, and sapphires and rubies for each grandchild.

He also created a special one-of-a-kind Roman Numeral Necklace for each of his ten daughters and daughters-in-law, celebrating each time a union began and wishing love, laughter and continued memories to each and every one. These sleek and subtle pieces were each unique, reminding us of the love of family and the special moments we share. When his daughters wore these necklaces, both friends and strangers consistently asked where they found such an interesting piece and it always led to a discussion of the 50th anniversary and our grand parents’ story of love.

We wanted to spread the love, and allow others to tell their stories through meaningful jewelry, so we started Winona Street Design. We have expanded our offerings to include faith based pieces which are understated, yet meaningful spiritual expressions. Last fall when Winona Street Design was invited to be a featured artist at Catholic Charities Chicago’s Gala of the Arts we created our “Madonna Collection” which features a simple yet stunning depiction of the Blessed Mother. Our  Madonna pendants and bracelets are presented in both Sterling Silver and Gold Vermeil and are available in a variety of beautiful enamel colors. This design is exclusive to Winona Street and has gained a very popular following.

Winona Street Design offers a subtle and understated way to express meaning----whether a  meaningful prayer, a special anniversary, the birth of a new baby, or simply a date you cherish, Winona Street Design helps tell life stories.

We love creating and sharing our unique pieces and celebrating moments with our customers-----to us it's not just a moment, it's a memory for life.

Winona Street Design
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