Theater: Josephine Craven as Lady Jane Wilde in 'Speranza'


Saturday October 19

(Room 109 - Time 3pm)
The Lady Jane Wilde  (Speranza, Mother of Oscar Wilde) featuring Josephine Craven as Lady Wilde.

Long before Oscar Wilde became a superstar, his mother, Jane Francesca Elgee Wilde, better known by her pen name Speranza, was a celebrity in Ireland and far beyond, wherever the Irish diaspora scattered and settled.

Jane was a poet who wrote incendiary poetry and essays condemning the Famine and inciting rebellion against English rule in Ireland. She was an accomplished linguist – mastering 9 European languages by eighteen - a wit, a beauty, a loving wife and mother, and an ardent champion for independence and women’s rights, she earned a reputation as a fiery revolutionary in Ireland and as a very accomplished translator of key literary works throughout Europe.

Her literary salons were legendary as was her private and not-so-private life: her brilliant but philandering husband, Dr. William Wilde’s relationship with Mary Travers cost Jane the humiliation of the most controversial libel case Dublin had ever seen. 

This play explores how Speranza became Speranza long before she influenced the genius in her son Oscar.

Fasten your seatbelts, and ride along with actress, Josephine Craven, as she delves into the life of Lady Jane Wilde, mother to Oscar!