Mexico Resident, Renowned Historian, Author, Dr. Michael Hogan Returns to iBAM!


Renowned historian and author, Dr. Michael Hogan will speak on the subject of Irish-Mexican solidarity: An Uncommon Valor.

Join historian Michael Hogan author of the best-selling Irish Soldiers of Mexico and Abraham Lincoln and Mexico and discover how the Irish of the St. Patrick’s Battalion helped Mexico resist the invasion of 1846, and how Irish-American veterans after the Civil War helped Mexico defeat Maximillian and the French in 1866.

As a bonus learn 12 commonalities Mexican and Irish cultures both cherish and that continue to enrich the world!

Dr. Hogan is Emeritus Humanities Chair at the American School Foundation in Guadalajara, and former professor of international relations at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara.
Links to order his two most recent books Irish Soldiers of Mexico and Abraham Lincoln and Mexico on-line are below. Autographed copies will also be available for purchase on site.

Irish Soldiers of Mexico E-Book Available Here

Abraham Lincoln and Mexico Available Here